Quick Bio

Husband, Father, Uncle, Artist. Lover of Truth and Beauty. #Yeshua #Torah #Linux #chronicpain #spoonie #cpp #opioidhysteria #painpatientsvote #Idaho

Contact Me

Email is my preferred method of online communication. Please use the handy form on my contact page. If you know what PGP is and how to use it, my public key is on the contact page.

Social Media

I dont reply to people I do not personally know on social media. Use the contact page.

Twitter: @aaronmurray, @xn_lab
Mastodon: @a_xn@mastodon.social
Facebook: Aaron Murray, One Bible, One Truth, One Way, Chronically Truth, A-XN News and Links of Interest, A-xn Lab


Web3 is the next generation of the internet, or so say its creators. If your browser has web3 enabled, it should show a link to the Web3 domain. If the web3 link is not working, use the web2 link.

aaron-xn.zil: web2 link
ETH: 0x265e40874c6ff58735e237e035b82b7920fdd3db

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